The lack of female representation at senior levels has been rightly raised as an issue for many years, with high-profile campaigns such as #EqualPay #TimesUp and #MeToo bringing the issue into sharper public and consumer focus.

Lightbulb Leadership Solutions has completed a decade of research into the area of female leadership & development, and has found that there is different feedback given to women compared to men. This is having a huge negative impact on the progression of women. We use our insights, research and data diagnostics to help organisations understand ‘Why Feedback Holds Women Back’ and we are committed to eradicating gender specific feedback from the workplace.

We work with leadership teams to bring about changes to their leadership and management culture. We help aspiring and transitioning female leadership talent to help them achieve equal access opportunities for leadership through the delivery of our ‘Winning Women development programme.


Approach to Women in Leadership

More and more organisations are both committed and working hard to address and improve on the proportion of women in leadership positions. Lightbulb Leadership Solutions has pioneered approaches to support female leaders, developing key organisational and personal development strategies for ambitious and aspiring women leaders at all levels in business.

Our programmes are designed specifically to help create female leaders who improve business performance, while taking ownership of their own career development and acting upon opportunities.

We achieve this through our proven pathway programme, ‘Winning Women’, which consists of individual and group coaching, a business leadership project, keynote speaker sessions and a series of internationally certified masterclasses.

As a female-founded business with a number of notable female consultants, we have also established a Lightbulb Leadership Solutions internal taskforce whose function is to continue to pioneer solutions in this arena and provide unique insights, data and expertise that continue to challenge and inspire.

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