Empowering you to achieve, adapt and grow

Many leaders need help in identifying the challenges, blockers and personal doubts within themselves or their organisations in order to implement practical solutions that will enable them to achieve their goals.

We are in the business of developing great leaders, both in business and in life. We therefore believe in great coaching to support and challenge your leadership capacity. We will empower you to ask the right questions, conquer change and help you to tailor your thinking to support your aspirations.

Let's get down to business 

Lightbulb Leadership Solutions can help you to set goals, implement strategies and track your progress to ensure that you continue to grow through empowerment and self-evaluation.

We work with some of the best business leaders, within hundreds of boardrooms across the globe. Our business coaching solutions allow you to benefit from an objective view of yourself within business and the vast experience that our team possesses when it comes to handling a wide range of personal, leadership and organisational situations.

Lightbulb Leadership Solutions coaching programmes include:     

  • Executive coaching

  • Leadership coaching

  • Board coaching

  • High potential coaching


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