The legal sector hasn’t escaped the changing working landscape, with many practices facing both alternative business structures and a dynamic mergers and acquisition market.

Resolve your talent retention

The traditional goal for most lawyers, to become a partner, still drives most career aspirations. Few are prepared or have been developed to take on the responsibility of business leadership. This creates many human capital challenges, and developing the requisite business talent alongside legal expertise. High levels of poaching and an exodus to in-house roles creates retention and attrition issues.


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We support top calibre legal minds to help them build their business & organisational leadership expertise in an increasingly fast-changing marketplace, applying our deep sector understanding to deliver results. Our full solutions range includes transformation, leadership transitional planning, gender equality, growth and strategy through periods of major change.

Lightbulb Leadership Solutions really understands law firms. They design tailored programmes for our partners to help strengthen and develop their people management and leadership competencies which is a crucial business objective for us... I thoroughly recommend them to other HR and L&D directors within our profession.

Louise McCarthy-Teague

HR & Training Director, BLM

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