News of the Week: Recruitment special

The team at Lightbulb Leadership Solutions works closely with clients in the recruitment sector, so we always keep our ear to the ground for the hottest news and gossip from the sector. This week, we’ve selected some of the stories, analysis and reports that have really got us talking and debating in the Lightbulb offices.

Could Facebook threaten LinkedIn with new ‘Job’ features?

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One of the most exciting aspects of social media is its constant evolution. Great news for us users, not so great for the social media platforms themselves, especially when a competitor closes in on a market they’ve so far been dominating. Now, Facebook is muscling in on LinkedIn’s market share following reports it would be listing jobs online. TechCrunch spotted the new ‘Jobs’ tab and Facebook has since confirmed that they will be experimenting with a new wave of recruitment-style features. The feature clearly poses a threat to LinkedIn, allowing users to share job openings with similar details, such as salary, title and working hours. It appears the recent acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft has reinforced the value of the jobs market on social media with Facebook being the first platform to make a move to steal some of that market share.

Is a one-page CV the new ideal?

Recruitment Grapevine

If you’re connected with recruiters on LinkedIn the chances are you’ve seen posts bemoaning poor quality CVs littered with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. A lot of these silly errors come down to the sheer volume of information some candidates include on there – we’ve seen some CVs come into the Lightbulb offices that are five pages long! Of course, candidates need to detail all of their relevant professional experience and qualifications, but the secret to a really good CV comes down to concise data with quality most definitely prioritised over quantity.

Job board giant Monster states a good CV is two pages long and only in special cases should it be three, however, Voyager Software’s Paul Thomson has taken it a step further to say even two pages is too long. Thomson reasons that recruiters who are submitting CVs to clients can do more to get noticed by summing up all of the relevant information in just one page. What do you think? Can a candidate convey enough of the right information in one page? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Fifth of Brits Say Lack of Support is Biggest Stress Driver

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When you think about stress in the workplace, it’s likely the first thing to spring to mind is a heavy workload. You may then be surprised to find out that according to research from Monster, the thing that stresses UK workers out the most is a lack of resource and support. In fact, 19% of workers stated this was the biggest cause of their stress, compared to 8% who cited too much work.

The poll, which marks National Stress Awareness Day, reveals the top five causes of workplace stress are:

  • Lack of resources and support (19%)

  • Lack of leadership (15%)

  • Unrealistic deadlines (14%)

  • Lack of job security (12%)

  • Long hours (8%)

There are a number of things that businesses can do to help combat their employees experiencing stress, such as re-evaluating current working practices and expectations as well as introducing mentoring and training initiatives to demonstrate workers have all of the support they need.

French workers leave work early in support of gender pay gap protest


Tomorrow, free glossy magazine Stylist is raising awareness of the UK’s 18.1% gender pay gap by leaving the office at 3:34pm – a symbolic gesture which marks the moment when the average full-time female employee stops earning compared to the average full-time man. And Stylist aren’t the only ones taking part, with thousands of workers in France leaving work at 4:34pm this week to mark their own gender gap.

This action is long-established in Iceland whereby female workers have been walking out of the office on the 24 October for the last 11 years. The time is decided each year by comparing their average hourly rate with that of their male counterparts with this year’s difference meaning they left at 2:38pm. Depressingly, the time they leave has only increased by half an hour since the initiative started, meaning that if salaries continue to rise at the same rate, it will be another 52 years before women in Iceland are paid the same as men. Do you have an initiative like this in your office?

And finally…

Honey G's recruitment firm unable to pay £1,000 debt

Recruitment Grapevine

Ah, another day, another X Factor story. In all honesty, we didn’t think this year’s controversial contestant Honey G would have made it into our recruitment news round-up, but here we are…

Honey G may be a rapper by (Saturday) night, but by day she’s better known as recruiter Anna Georgette Gilford and the story goes that she can’t pay £1,000 to a company she hired to sell her firm. According to the Sunday People, Gilford’s company, ARG Search, hired Intelligent Business Transfer (IBT) to sell the consultancy this summer and an up-front payment of £1,000 was agreed, followed by £6,000 in commission if the business was sold. Now, IBT are chasing for the payment.

The Sunday People reportedly viewed an email received by IBT last month from Gilford stating she can’t make the payment due to the fact the firm is insolvent. It allegedly reads: “I have no assets and no money in the company. I cannot afford to pay your bill. I have also taken indefinite leave from my business to compete in the live finals of The X Factor. I am now looking to leave my business and pursue a full-time career as a rap music artist. Sorry.”

On behalf of the Lightbulb team, we’d like to wish Honey G more luck with her rap career than she clearly had in her recruitment one!

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Fiona McKay