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Last week was an exciting one for Lightbulb Leadership Solutions with our founder and MD Fiona McKay jetting off to New York to carry out some work for one of our international recruitment clients. Aside from eagerly awaiting our agreed shipment of Hershey’s Kisses, the team couldn’t wait to hear whether recruiters across the pond were experiencing the same market conditions as their UK counterparts. And luckily, news from the Big Apple is positive, with recruitment businesses expanding at a rapid rate and M&A activity remaining healthy. Stay tuned to Fiona’s LinkedIn page for a more detailed update of her trip complete with a bit of a commotion outside of Trump Towers…

In the name of all things recruitment, we’ve dedicated this week’s news blog to the sector and picked out the latest news, views and analysis that has got everyone in the Lightbulb offices talking.

Has technology made old-school recruitment irrelevant?

The Telegraph

This interesting article focuses on SMEs adopting the latest technology for recruitment, which has raised the question of whether there is still room for the traditional paper approach. One of the newest tech recruitment methods is gamification, where gaming style mechanics are applied to see how candidates react to certain virtual situations. As with other articles discussing tech versus old school recruitment methods, this concludes that a combination of both is probably the most effective, yet it raises another important point, which is that of embracing change within a business.

We’ve seen a number of leaders across all sectors who are reluctant to embrace new technology, which usually comes down an issue of control with some unwilling to adopt methods and operations where they do not possess a firm understanding of their inner workings. As a result of evolving tech and other market factors that have presented themselves over the past years, Lightbulb Leadership Solutions has designed training and development myodules specifically to help leaders not just accept change but be the catalyst for it within their business.

Recruitment firm acquitted over staff punch-up in hotel bar

People Management

A recruitment company has been found not guilty of vicarious liability by the High Court, following a fight between two employees in the aftermath of a work Christmas party that left one with permanent brain damage. The victim brought a claim for damages against the recruitment firm on the basis that it was vicariously liable for the director’s conduct. However, in the ruling, the judge said the court was satisfied that “a line could be drawn between the work party and the impromptu drinks” that followed and rejected the claim.

This is an extremely sad story and is a particular concern for business leaders and managers, especially around the festive season. There is obviously the wider issue of liability that this incident brings to the fore, but it also got us talking about workplace culture. Unfortunately, the competitive recruitment environment can bring out the worst in people and some business leaders are either happy to turn a blind eye or are oblivious to issues that can arise as long as targets are being achieved. It’s for this very reason that we launched our Judgement, Influence & Decision Making and Defining Beliefs, Behaviours and a Winning Mindset leadership and development modules for leaders and their managers to help nurture a winning culture in their business.

How events of 2016 will shape recruiting in 2017


Events of 2016 have led to global levels of uncertainty, with business leaders across a number of sectors wondering what 2017 has in store for them. This interesting article, penned by Amechi Peirce-Howe from London-based IT and business recruiter red10 discusses six ways that world events are affecting the recruitment industry, from the fall in the value of the pound through to big name businesses that moving out of London. Now more than ever, business leaders must be prepared to adapt to impending change and this agility is not a skill that that every leader innately possess. We’ve worked with a number of leaders and managers, both in the UK and internationally, who have come to us to provide training and coaching when it comes to making judgement calls and being more decisive when it matters, something especially important when looking forwards to 2017.

And finally…

Workers reveal the goodwill gestures that make them happy

Recruiting Times

According to research from CV-Library which explored the attitudes of over 1,100 UK workers, 68.9% say they are made happy by goodwill gestures from their colleagues, with a further 84.2% stating that they return the favour. The survey also found that 91.9% believe that these gestures help them to build relationships with co-workers. Given we are in the ‘Season of Goodwill’, there has never been a better time to embrace some festive cheer in the office and, better yet, ensure it carries on all year round. The importance of employee goodwill is often overlooked by business leaders who themselves may have become detached from day-to-day operations, however this survey proves just how important these small interactions can be when it comes to overall job satisfaction. Click the article link to see the top ten gestures that employees say make them happy in the workplace – number eight is particularly important in our office…

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