HOSPITALITY HOT NEWS: this weeks top news trends and specific challenges within the sector


Team member satisfaction remains a key challenge within the industry says Robert Rauch in In his article he interviews Laurence Geller, Founder of Strategic Hotels and Resorts and Chancellor of the University of West London, who says, “Without a satisfied hotel staff, we have no foundation upon which to build, a great leader must surround him or herself with people that are better than themselves.”

Talent attraction & employer branding

And while we know from a wide range of studies and within the industry that the key hospitality employers and businesses find that the industry doesn’t properly market itself to prospective future employees and leaders.This is highlighted by Skift, who say it will only get harder as the industry demands that employees have more multidisciplinary skills and nuanced worldviews which will demand higher salaries and compensation in an industry beset with a reputation for low wages. 

Tech & AI

Big challenges also come from the use and adoption of technology and while some hotels are using chat programs, mobile check-in and and the increasing use of AI and robots (as reported in the LA Times), the industry as a whole is not advancing as fast as perhaps it ought to. 

Disruptors & competitors

And the elephant in the room is still the sharp competition provided by the likes of Airbnb and thus the great leaders of the hospitality sector will continue to work on ways to combat the sheer scale of the issue says Morgan Stanley.

NEWS FOR W/C 21-27 AUGUST 2017

Dominic Martinez