MONDAY'S MEDIA NEWS: all the hot news and trends to start the week

Big trends  

According to Marketing Week, there were 4 big trends in the media that we should look out for in 2017, considering it’s September now, how many of these have come to pass? Is live streaming really mainstream? Are we really becoming screen agnostic?

PWC in their 2017 Entertainment and Media trends article use Spotify as an example of how user/fan centred businesses can’t just rely on content but must re-orientate their whole business to put that user centred approach first. Spotify’s increased consumption and use of analytics giving a very good example of how you should consider doing that.

The World Economy

And of course it would be remiss of us not to mention the continued dominance in media, media buying and general awareness of the power of social media but is it just hype or does the impact of leaders like Donald Trump on social media really lead to a bottom line effect on the world economy? 

And finally, perhaps we should just give up the news media entirely as suggested in the Guardian. According to the article (written in 2013 by the way) the news media can have fake news, lack of an explanatory focus and not reading it will make us happier!

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Dominic Martinez