Property sector news round up

As the Halifax report on another rise in house prices and while acknowledging its slower growth the underlying momentum of the housing demand doesn’t look like it will be abating any time soon.

And it is no doubt that within the UK property industry the impact of Brexit is something that can’t be predicted with an degree of surety unlike the rise in house prices. With no precedent and no agreements yet in place uncertainty is king says the Commercial Property Blog.

Add into the mix the increasing number of want to be investors, can technology be good way of bringing smaller investors into the market? Property Week suggests that legacy system owners and investment companies will need to adapt to keep up with the changing property investment landscape.

Real estate companies are therefore having to innovate to ensure they are ahead of any curves that the economy throws at them. Here are 4 things that we can do to become innovative including being customer centric and patient.

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Dominic Martinez