Professional Services Focus: Top news in Law, Finance & Accountancy

You don’t need us to tell you that trust is a major issue for customers in the financial sector this year, so it’s pleasing that it is the number one trend according to Fortune in the review of the big trends in the FinTech industry in 2017 and gives us an example of how new players are putting this at the forefront of their marketing.

Elsewhere the real underlying impact of the upcoming EU GDPR (General Data Protection Register) legislation is hitting home too. Financial Director looks at some of the benefits that accrue within the sector for compliance, simplification and opportunities for innovation.

Could outsourcing of legal work also become a reality? It’s certainly a trend in 2017 but what are the advantages and could you benefit from it within your business? The Balance looks at why external talent, flexibility and reduced turnaround time as well as bottom line cost saving could work for large and small firms.

And Accountancy Age are looking forward to the results of the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) application to become the first non-legal professional body to become a regulator and licensing authority. The article goes onto ask is the march of the accountants a disrupting force, bringing increased competition and forcing traditional firms to innovate. But how far will the boundaries be pushed, and how will law firms respond?

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Dominic Martinez