The way in which private equity firms evaluate target companies is wide-ranging and constantly evolving, with many looking for alternative methodologies to give them key insights or a winning edge model over a competitor.

The capability of a target company’s human capital capability, through its leadership and management teams to deliver a projected rate of return, can be the difference between a targeted and an exceptional return for investors.

Seeking PE

Seeking Private Equity

If you are an organisation looking for private equity investment, we have a range of solutions to help ready you to attract the right investment. We can rapidly assess your leadership & management team along with the viability and value of your organisational structure, aiding you to implement changes that will align to the most innovative private equity thinking.

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Portfolio Companies

Private Equity Company

If you hold a strong portfolio of companies and have the next deal in sight, our bespoke service assesses the capabilities of your chosen target to deliver the required return on investment, assess the leadership value in the deal and advise on the human capital valuation in relation to the deal multiples. Our tried and tested methods evaluate leadership capabilities and the strength of company structure, to create insights that help with your valuations. Post-sale and within your portfolio companies, we deliver the ongoing development of your leadership and management teams to achieve key milestones and deliverables.

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Non Executive Directors


If you are a current or aspirational non-executive director, we can provide the development to help you realise your ambitions. We work with you to identify target sectors and companies, provide training for the required board and business behaviours, and support you in your long-term NED career development.

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