Empowering leadership through accessible and measurable development

It is often assumed that the best leaders are born rather than made, but we strongly challenge this idea. Some of the best leaders and entrepreneurs in the world recognise the need for continuous learning and development as a key way to stretch their skills and constantly challenge their methods of achieving success.

Through pragmatic leadership and management training solutions, organisations can ensure that they stay relevant in their market sector and truly contribute towards revolutionising organisational performance. 


Through our Lightbulb Leadership signature solutions, we empower all levels of your leaders to build teams that will escalate and accelerate the performance & growth of your organisation. 


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• The crucial components to create trust & integrity of leadership
• Learning to lead programme
• How to make great judgement calls & decisions
• Influence, drive and persuasion
• Giving & receiving feedback
• Embedding empathy into leadership culture
• All levels of employee & leadership engagement.


• Building board & business behaviours of the future
• Creating a leadership legacy
• Leading & embedding change across locations, countries & regions
• Developing as a visionary leader
• How to craft your own leadership brand & following
• Defining beliefs and a winning mindset
• Resilience & bounce back ability
• The transition to manager & leader
• Leading change in changing enviornments.


• I.C.E  TM : Intrepreneurship, Commerciality & Enterprise programme
• Commercial clout & metrics that matter
• How to become a strategic architect and leader of profitable people
• Setting goals, delivering on growth & profit projects.

• Winning women development programme
• How to eliminate ‘Pink & Blue’ ghetto’s in gender development initiatives
• Gender stereotypical feedback and its affects on equal access leadership
• Mental health first aid 
• Understanding & eliminating bias
• Diversity & inclusion
• Family friendly working

• Bullying, victimisation & harassment.


Don’t just take our word for it. Lightbulb Leadership Solutions has helped some of the world's leading organisations to deliver outstanding results

"I have had the pleasure of working with Lightbulb Leadership Solutions on a number of projects over the past few years. I find their programmes accessible, informative, and highly engaging and they really are sector specialists. Delegates that have attended all leave with increased skills and knowledge while also taking away key learning points that stays with them through their careers."

Gemma Todd
Head of Human Resources
Imperial London Hotels

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