“If there’s one thing we can do to change the dial on women’s futures in the workplace, it is to no longer accept ‘constructive criticism’ but instead insist on ‘development dialogue’”

In her capacity as a global, high-level leadership influencer & strategist, Fiona has been conducting research over the past ten years which has culminated in some striking findings on the different types of feedback women are receiving in the workplace as opposed to men and furthermore, how this is holding women back and limiting their leadership opportunities.

Download the ebook and learn how to:

  • Harness the #1 action women and employers can take to improve equal and gender-balanced feedback

  • Identify the different types and trends of feedback women are receiving in the workplace, compared with men

  • Implement strategic steps to re-position feedback as a hard measure rather than a soft skill

  • Pinpoint where and how to counteract the platform advantage men have in leadership advancement

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