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What does your business need from your leaders?

Lightbulb Leadership Solutions is a market-leading solutions-based consultancy that helps organisations across an array of sectors around the globe, to improve their people, performance, profits and parity. We know what world-class leadership looks and feels like, and in partnership with our clients, we design and deliver leadership solutions to uniquely fit organisations.

Being overly supportive can leave people feeling comfortable and passive in their work. Too much challenge can lead people to become highly stressed and unproductive. Leaders who do not provide challenge or support are likely to find their team to be apathetic and unresponsive. We know it is vital to get the right balance between support and challenge in order to have a highly motivated and proactive team who will deliver real results.

We enable business growth through our tailored development solutions delivered across all levels of leaders, from newly-promoted managers through to directors and C-suite executives.


Fiona McKay - Managing Director

Fiona McKay is the founder and Managing Director of Lightbulb Leadership Solutions. Dissatisfied with the outdated and technical methods of how leaders were being identified, Fiona had a clear vision and unique development methodology that came to life in 2007, as Lightbulb Leadership started to switch on solutions for all levels of leadership capability in the world’s biggest brands and best organisations.


Are you ready to improve your business performance and growth? 

Lightbulb Leadership Solutions provides proven end-to-end services with the common goal of empowering leaders and line managers to self-solve and tackle people and business performance issues in a timely manner, without the need to continually escalate issues.   

By helping organisations to identify talent and empower the visionary leaders of the future, Lightbulb Leadership Solutions will improve your organisational performance and growth.



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